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Our Projects

Omni Energy Solutions, OES, is an engineering and equipment supply firm serving the oil & gas industry in the MENA region. We engineer and supply systems and packages pertinent to oil & gas production, petrochemicals and refining. Our services include: • Modeling & Simulation • Engineering • Procurement • Construction Management • Training

Previous Works

Sr Items Client
1 SIDPEC- Design & Suppling of Naptha Loading arm, with level switch and test
2 ZOHR ENI and Petrobel, Egypt – Hot Oil System, Crude Oil Processing Facility, Egypt
3 Meleha Shipping Pumps - Agiba/ ENI
4 ESHPETCO 1 MMSCFD Flared Gas Recovery Project
5 supplying Well Head Control Panels
6 In Direct Fired Heater - Mansoura Petroleum Co.