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As the sole partner and representative of Pentair which is a global water, fluid, thermal management, and equipment protection partner with industry-leading products, services, and solutions that fit your changing needs. We aim to deliver the adaptive, industry-leading solutions that help ensure a safer, healthier future for all. Pentair works at the very center of global commerce, providing critical inputs to a wide range of essential industries. From Flow Technologies and Process Technologies to Technical Solutions and Valves and Controls, we apply the inventive thinking and disciplined execution to push the boundaries of whats possible. We bring to bear our extensive expertise through deep collaborative efforts, looking ahead to ensure the future of the worlds most essential resources, equipment and infrastructure. 



  • Produced Water (Onshore and Offshore)
  • Salt Water Disposal
  • Inlet Gas Separation
  • Lube Oil Systems
  • Glycol Dehydration
  • Frac Fluid Clean Up
  • Deep Well
  • NGLs / Fractionation BTX
  • Hydroprocessing 
  • Amine Systems 
  • Alkylation
  • Fuels/Custody Transfer 
  • Fuel Gas
  • Sour Water Reforming
  • UDEX / Solfulane




  • ULTISEP® Liquid-Aerosols from Gases 
  • HRT® Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology
  • LIQUISEP® Liquid-Liquid Separations
  • POLAREX® Extractive Separations
  • PROCESSOR® Particle-Liquid Separations
  • INTERSEP® Particle Gas Separations





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