Our Solutions

Packaged Production Facilities

Thermo Design offers a complete range of design services and products including: 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Extraction 

  • Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control: 

Joule-Thompson Expansion (Auto Refrigeration) 

Mechanical Refrigeration 

Lean Oil Adsorption 

  • Deep Cut or Cryogenic Processing: 

Turbo Expansion 

Cascade Refrigeration 

  • LPG Mix Recovery (Fractionation and Distillation) 

Product Fractionation (C2 / C3 / C4 / NGLs) 

Product Stabilization 

  • Desulphurizers / Sweeteners (H2S, CO2 and Mercaptan Removal) 

Amine Absorption (Selective and Non-Selective) 

Fixed Bed Sweetening (Mole Sieve / Iron Sponge / Etc.) 

Caustic Sweetening 

Vapour and Liquid Sweetening 

  • Sulphur Recovery Plants 

Modified Claus Plants 

ProTherm (Chelate) Process 

  • Dehydration 

Glycol Absorption 

Desiccant Adsorption 

  • Crude Oil Treating 

Light Crude and Heavy Crude Processing 

Free Water Knock Outs (FWKOs) 

Mechanical Dehydration and Desalting 

Electrostatic Dehydration and Desalting 

Production Manifolds and Separation 

Portable Automated Test Separators 

Crude Oil Distillation Plants 

Topping Plants 

  • Water Handling 

Sour Water Stripping and Produced Water Treatment 

Produced Water Injection 

  • Compression Systems 

Refrigeration Compression Systems 

Gas Compression Systems 

Vapour Recovery Systems 

  • Heaters (Direct / Indirect and Fired / Unfired) 


Well Site Heaters 


Line Heaters 


Heat Exchangers (Shell and Tube TEMA Specification) 

Pressure Vessels

Piping Systems 

Specialized Alloy Welding (Low Temp / Stainless / Exotic Metals)

Structural Assemblies 

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